meet the founders


Founders Emily and Ashleigh met in 2016 while working as massage therapists at a spa in Westchester County, NY. Hitting it off immediately, they soon discovered they were both training to become DONA certified doulas, Emily in postpartum and Ashleigh in birth. 

After nearly two years of birth and baby bonding, an opportunity arose: their first birth. Instantly, they knew they would be one another’s back up. 

It was at this first birth, that their client referred to them as the “Dynamic Duo Doulas.” It clicked! 

After much careful planning and discussion, Emily and Ashleigh decided to join arms and create not only a partnership encompassing all their passions, but a collective of other like minded birth workers. 

Dynamic Doulas of New York was founded in 2018, and now provides:

  • Therapeutic massage by NYS licensed massage therapists 

  • Birth hypnosis

  • Lactation counseling

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • Sleep training

  • Sibling support 

  • Birth and labor doulas 

  • Postpartum doulas

  • Bereavement and termination support

  • And so much more! 




Emily is a NYS LMT specializing in perinatal and infant massage, as well as a certified lactation counselor, a DONA trained Birth & Postpartum doula, and offers bereavement and termination support. She recounts the birth of her mothers goddaughter as a pivotal moment in her life; professing she knew she was destined to work with newborns at some capacity, at just 9 years old. A defender and confidante of the LGBTQ community and a self proclaimed “fluid feminist”, Emily strives to improve birth and postpartum outcomes to all birthing persons and their families.

ashleigh thomas

NYS LMT, Nationally certified massage therapist, CLC, Dona trained Birth Doula

Ashleigh is a DONA trained birth doula, certified lactation counselor, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in NY & NJ. She was drawn to doula work while in massage school and ever since then she has been interested in providing safe and comfortable environments for birth to take place. After learning about the lack of clinical care provided during pregnancy and childbirth, especially with women of color, she was motivated to improve birth outcomes.