Dynamic Mentorship Program

The Dynamic Doulas of New York are “doula-ing” the doulas! 

Are you a new doula, still in the certification process? We are here to help! We are offering support to newer doulas to help you:

  • Breeze through certification 

  • Find your footing in the doula world

  • Help you find clients and establish a name for yourself

  • Offer resources 

  • Assist with designing a website, finding your niche, continuing education, and more 

We know, since we have both undergone the rigors of certifying as DONA doulas, how intimidating or overwhelming it may seem. The mentor program was born out of necessity! As doulas, one of our primary roles, is companioning. So wouldn’t it be perfect if we all had companions within the realm of birth work?

Mentor price: $185 per year

Mentor applicants will receive a 25% discount on the annual fee if you choose to join the DDoNY family. 

Annual Fee: $75

Become part of the collective and be listed on the website. Monthly payments available.


 Want to join DDoNY?

Send us a message at joinDDoNY@gmail.com and tell us about yourself! We are looking for inclusive, open minded individuals who share our passion for evidence based information and are drawn to this healing, diverse work. If this sounds like you, or you’d like more information, connect with us! We would love to hear from you.