Vicki Bloom


The best births happen when you bring your whole self into the room! I take the time to learn who you are and what will help you and your family to feel comfortable, informed, prepared, and ready to engage with your birth, in advance and through the ever-changing moments of the birth process. I am passionate, flexible, and comforting, but also grounded, no-nonsense, and strongly evidence-based.

I am especially drawn to support people who can feel unheard through the process of standardized birth, such as younger and older parents, single parents, LGBTQIA+ parents, people in non-traditional careers, families in transition, and plus-size parents. I also specialize in supporting those who want a professional with whom they can share unusual family dynamics openly, such as polyamorous families and people in power-dynamic relationships.

I have been working as a doula since 2010 and have attended more than 120 births. I am certified as a birth and postpartum Doula through Doula Trainings International, and as a Certified Lactation Consultant through Healthy Children Project. I am also trained as a Hypnobabies Doula and as a Level II Reiki Practitioner. I am an activist, full-spectrum doula and the Birth Doula Match Coordinator of the Doula Project.